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  • What is psychotherapy and how can it help me?
    Psychotherapy is a type of talk therapy that can help individuals improve their mental health and well-being. It involves working with a trained therapist to explore and understand thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and to develop strategies for coping with challenges and achieving personal goals.
  • What types of therapy do you offer?
    Here at Culturally Diverse Counseling Center we offer, individuals, couples, family and group counseling services.
  • How do I know if I need therapy?
    There are many reasons why someone might benefit from therapy, and it's not always easy to know if therapy is the right choice for you. However, some common signs that someone may need therapy include: 1. Feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or depressed much of the time. 2. Experiencing persistent and intense emotions that are difficult to manage. 3. Having trouble sleeping, eating, or engaging in activities you once enjoyed. 4. Struggling with relationships or feeling isolated and alone. 5. Dealing with a major life change, such as a loss, trauma, or illness. 6. Feeling stuck or unsure about how to move forward in your life. 7. Engaging in behaviors that are harmful or self-destructive. 8. Feeling a sense of emptiness or lack of purpose. 9. Having thoughts of suicide or self-harm. 10. Feeling like you're not living up to your potential or living the life you want. If you're experiencing any of these symptoms, it may be helpful to talk to a mental health professional to explore whether therapy could be beneficial for you. A therapist can help you better understand your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and develop coping strategies to improve your mental health and well-being.
  • How long does each therapy session typically last?
    Each therapy session typically lasts 1 hour.
  • How much does therapy cost?
    Therapy prices differentiate depending on individual, family or group sessions.
  • What types of insurance do you accept?
    We currently accept the following insurances, Molina Health Care, Blue Cross Blue Shield, IChoice, Manage Health Services Of Wisconsin, Network Health Plan, United Health Care, Medicaid, Trilogy, Children's Community Health Plan, Chorus, Optum, Medicare.
  • How can I pay for therapy if I don't have insurance?
    We accept private pay with a sliding fee scale.
  • How do I schedule a therapy session?
    Call us, book through this website or visit our office during our normal business hours.
  • How is my privacy and confidentiality protected during therapy sessions?
    All information shared during therapy sessions is kept strictly confidential. We will not disclose any information about you or your therapy to anyone without your written consent, except where required by law. Our therapists are bound by a professional code of ethics that requires them to maintain confidentiality. Our therapy sessions are conducted in private and secure environments. We take great care to ensure that no one can overhear our conversations, and we use secure electronic systems to store your personal information. If you have any concerns about your privacy or confidentiality during therapy, please feel free to bring them up with your therapist. We want you to feel comfortable and safe during your sessions, and we will do everything we can to address any concerns you may have.
  • Why did I receive a bill if I have insurance?
    Even if you have insurance, you may still be responsible for copays or deductibles, which are amounts you are required to pay out of pocket for each visit or over a certain period of time before your insurance coverage kicks in.
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