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Culturally Diverse

Counseling Center

Our Purpose

Welcome to Culturally Diverse Counseling Center, where we strive to provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals from all walks of life. We strongly agree and believe in promoting mental wellness and emotional healing, while respecting and valuing our clientele's unique identities, beliefs, and experiences from all different backgrounds and nationalities. Contact us today to take the first step towards a brighter future!


With a comprehensive background in treating a range of mental health concerns, Culturally Diverse Counseling Center is committed to providing mental health and emotional support to individuals who are experiencing personal or psychological difficulties. Our Person-Centered and Cognitive Behavioral approach is designed to empower our clients to achieve their goals.

We take pride in providing a non-judgmental, warm, and welcoming environment where clients can comfortably express their feelings and concerns. As a privileged member of our community, we are committed to delivering culturally sensitive counseling services that resonate with each client's unique needs with empathy and compassion.

Culturally Diverse Counseling Center Founder




At Culturally Diverse Counseling Center, we offer an intake service to help asses the clients clinical and psychological needs. Our intake process begins with a brief phone consultation, during which we will ask you some questions about your reasons for seeking therapy, your availability, and any preferences you may have for a therapist's gender, race, or therapeutic approach.


AODA (Alcohol & Other Drug Abuse)

We understand that addiction is a complex and challenging issue that requires specialized care. That's why we offer AODA counseling services to support individuals and families impacted by substance abuse.



Culturally Diverse Counseling Center offers a wide range of psychotherapy services to support individuals, couples, and families struggling with a variety of mental health concerns. Our licensed therapists are experienced in working with clients to develop customized treatment plans to address their unique needs and goals.



Family separation can be a challenging and emotional experience for everyone involved. Our licensed therapists are here to provide support and guidance to families who are working to reunify after a period of separation.

Alexa Young, Milwaukee Wisconsin

"I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Danielle. She is the most considerate and patient person I could imagine. Her passionate opposition against black and white thinking and labeling was a huge eye opener for me. It made for a most welcoming atmosphere in her sessions and gradually led to an inner reconciliation with my anxiety and sleep issues. Her very many practical suggestions extremely helpful and played an important role in my day to day anxiety management."
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